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Rain (Micah Stampley)

Wisdom and power Be unto You Amazing grace Rain through and through One thing that I Desire and seek That I may dwell in your house And inquire of You Justice and Jury Lion and Lamb You are the Holy And Great I Am Knowledge and strength Is what you give To those who love your Word And pursue your will [repeat 1 time after chorus] Rain Love (Rain Joy) Rain Peace (We need all of You) Rain Grace (Rain Power) Rain Strength (We need all) (We need all) [repeat] Send your latter rain Oh God, in this place Oh Lord, we need your rain Arise, Oh Lord Let your kingdom come For you are the same The risen One This song is to you God of Righteousness We give thanks For your rain (for your rain) Rain Love Rain Joy Rain Peace We need all of You Rain Grace Rain power Rain Strength We need all We need all Rain Love Send down your latter rain Send down your latter rain [7x]