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Shout (Micah Stampley)

[Chorus:] Shout, Shout God Has Given Victory; Sing, Sing, Hallelujah's Symphony Out Loud, Living Life Abundantly; Jesus Has Given Us Liberty [Verse:] There Is A Name, A Precious Name, His Love Is Beyond Measure Pure Mercy Came And Found My Sin Cast It Away Forever I Found My Joy In Him Alone; There's So Much Peace In His Presence He'll Never Change, Remain The Same, I'm Always Safe In His Arms (Oh-Oh) Your Grace Has Made A Way For Me (Oh-Oh) And It Causes Me To Sing (Oh-Oh) Never Gonna Stop My Praise Jesus Has Come And Made Us Free I'll Praise The Name, The Name, The Name [x3] I'll Praise The Only Name Jesus The Name, The Name, The Name [x3] Jesus The Only Name