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Apples And Cigarettes (Kitten)

Apples and cigarettes, the TVs still making noise Stealing from your dad's back pocket I can still smell it but I'm trying to feel it The preacher never said it was wrong But it might be Violet destiny, violated legally But you still stroke my hair Delayed by the traffic, delayed by your motives Delayed by what you know could never happen But I'll let it happen It's alright if it does [Chorus:] But as we wait, they tell us what we already know Then hesitate, can't you move a little bit faster? That book that you gave me, I swear I read it But I only really thought of you I know it can happen, my bullet and my gun They're ready when you are And then I'll be special, they'll know why my head was down Because you never took advantage of me But you could I wish that you did [Chorus]