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Gimme The Finga (Black Sheep)

(B) indicates they say the following word together Now when you see me It's me that you see And when you see Lawnge (B) Yo that's who he be Never been one for frontin G How'd we get so fly? Came naturally Make it a point to sleep till midday A job, a job? A-heh, okay? When we do arise itis time for brunch Ham and eggs, two pigs feet and Cap'n Crunch When we get dressed The hand gets brushed, but whiskers they get clipped Over to the mirror, yeah we look okay Dial tone 2-1-2-A-O-J-O-J-O-J It's a daily thing for Black Sheep my friend Yo driver pull over I need my midday Heineken About, to put, no doubt, you wish Clockin from a corner whle you're eating a k'nish Maybe, another lifetime G I hope to see that you're as fly as we Are, not stars, but super as a You know you want to, come on, gimme the finga I know ya want to, you know ya want to > three times The chorus repeats with the following changes on the last line First time : Gimme the finga --- Second time : Pleeease Got an accountant named Mel, a lawyer named Jay My engineer Lyle who lives in studio A My manager Chris keeps my pockets well fed Got a honey for each box spring coil in my bed My cribs all that without Do I read books? (B) Naah, I read instructions too didn't'cha see when you window wish Sippin on a soda to help wash the k'nish I do what I want and I answer to who (B) no one, heh I thought you knew My favorite meal is anything with meat My favorite quote, "Can I have a receipt?' My favorite show is 'Who's the Boss' And my favorite ho, is yours of course And everyday is Saturday my friend Go to sleep wake up yo! itts Saturday again It's fly, gettin paid to do what you want Don't believe me, (burrrp) see? Not that I like talking of the things that I possess I know that some have more, while others do have less It's just that I want to say, I live a life in a day Didntt have to wait till I was lonely old and gray I simply put my foot forward in a direction That's called a step then I follow with the next one Kept on 3teppin, no matter what happened Kept my eyes open, and kept hands clappin Did what I had to do when I had to do it Didn't want to say (B) ho when I surely knew it So, I persevered from the beginning Now that I'm in Black Sheep out to win So when you see me, stick it up G No it's not a diss, it's makin me happy Lettin me know that you did what you heard Daring to say that societyts absurd Let it be known that you gotta go for the gusto be ahead of hoes to the head ho Don't let nobody tell you what you cannot be Don't let nobody tell you what you cannot do Enough of the tours, itis time to get yours Otherwise I guess I have to give the finga, to you