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Endless Faith (Nodes Of Ranvier)

My God, my God, Heavenly Father! I feel forsaken. Disgrace and shame consume me. Eternal night now reigns. Daylight engulfed by shadows, I pray to end this agony. Gone, everything I loved, just a memory. Stripped of every ounce of self-respect fall to my knees. Cover me in ash, curse the day that I was born. Release me from this living death, welcome oblivion. My friends they offer only cruel indifference. You did this to yourself, now you must pay the consequence. I can't believe how fast companions turn their back Another cruel reminder nothing ever lasts... It's gone... You give and take away Blessed be Your name. I cannot comprehend all the workings of Your hand But still I will wait, hold fast to endless faith. Overwhelmed and torn apart but never abandoned When it seems that all is gone. Hold fast!! With confidence!! Overcome your doubt with endless... faith. Conquer. Prevail.