Purpose In Pain (Nodes Of Ranvier)

Sometimes hope dwells in the darkness waiting to be found. With bitter tears we fight through days that do not seem to end. But finding purpose in the pain will shatter doubt and help you persevere. To conquer fear you must admit that weakness is your strength. Realize that by yourself you're not as strong as you think A helping hand is never far but pride will kill you fast and watch you fall. Reaching beyond all the wreckage we see. Together we'll find what we truly believe. Crawl through the ashes of our past mistakes. Emerge, so much stronger, refined by the flames. Burn away the selfishness that hinders our progress. Don't suffocate compassion, that won't bring you happiness Know there is another way to live and die with darkness left behind. We must deny. Deny ourselves these lusts kill from inside. Don't attempt to bear this weight- alone you'll find a grim and lonely fate. This helping hand is never far, but pride will kill you fast and watch you fall. Our faith is tested everyday. The serpent wants us to betray and turn our backs on everything that gave our lives a true meaning. And though this voice is loud and clear He'll never take what we hold dear, the truth will always light the way The depths of hell will hear us say These walls they cannot hold my ambitions will guide me through. I'd know I died living, then die and regret it all.