Keep Movement (Trent Michael)

Well maybe I've been thinking that A lot of things are gonne change Everything's gonna change So brace yourself Don't get too close Don't get too settled in What happened to your friends? How has everybody been? They're growin up They're givin up On everything so let's say a prayer For the ones who dare To just keep movement But I've been down so long that I keep movement Oh yeah Well everyone keeps tellin me that I should get a job That pays Maybe I should change my ways But it's too late now There's no way out And I'm in here pretty deep And this hill is gettin steep And I'm singin in my sleep I lost my mind Been workin on a single But I'll probably never be a big star like you But it's all that I can do So just keep movement but I've been down so long that I keep movement Oh yeah Well these three, four, five, six years outta high school I've been drinkin at the bar since about noon I've been checkin my mail cuz the money's gonna come soon Big bucks, or that's what I'm told Well seven, eight, nine, ten times that I been told "boy you better trade those cards before you get old" Well I'm stickin with the ten cause there's no way I'm gonna fold it now Oh well it's one last prayer For anyone at all who cares But I keep Well I keep Well I keep movement oh