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Epitaph (Sanctuary)

Mark my grave, and call the winds of torment Oh, remember me now, and feed the wind with your dreams Feel my name, and feel my blood in your veins Now the tide will turn, I will live on through you Mark my name upon the flesh you create No, don't cry for me, my son, myself I am waiting my son, on the threshold to the other side Cannot tell you what is here What I see now is beyond your mind I am formless, but I feel All the questions burning in your head Learn your lesson and never grieve For there is no beginning, and there is no end I'm standing at the door of time, I see life complete Truth is never what is seems Bodies wither, but your mind still dreams No one ever can rest in peace Until they've learned the game and become light to darkness See me shine I'm standing at the door of time, I see life complete Oh father where will I be when I meet my time? You will pass on and follow me, into the sanctuary I am in the mirror, see my reflection in the stars And as you search for truth, so I will shine to spur you on Spur you on Bathe in the pure truth of my light Time is an illusion, death is not conclusion All those who seek the truth will questions still remaining Now listen closely, and all will be so clear I am a messenger, a bringer of light from the other side So chosen now to teach while drifting between lives Drifting, drifting I will be reborn