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Long Since Dark (Sanctuary)

It's been long since dark Sitting here bathed in the moonshade Underneath a willow'tree To stare above, the sky is burning The diamonds dance in nocturnal symphony What does it mean? How do I fit into the scheme? Why is there dark sky above, what does it veil? Is there a purpose to the point Beyond the norm we hail? Reflecting on my future to come Underneath the crescent moon Long since dark, and my thoughts are flowing And deeper still, beyond the cloak of unknown Relentless drone, why was I put here, left alone? Why do I hunger to know what will I gain? Is there true wisdom without end Or will I find just pain? How many times do we take for granted Simple things that make life sweet Enraptured by material longings We miss the point, we need to know, to see Beyond your being, and in the void lies the meaning Just as the dark sky above had spoke to me The answer came so clear, then vanished For a moment I was free I am free