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Freedom (Love and Theft)

I cover my eyes as the Sun's pouring in No, I never thought Last night would end And there's smoke in the house I woke up on the couch again I got nowhere to go and No one to see The birds out my window are Singing to me And I don't know their song So I hum along out of key And this place sure feels haunted I guess I got what I wanted Freedom This three dollar coffee It sure tastes like hell But I don't have to answer to Anyone else I just sit here in peace Till I wanna leave,oh well And I'm here without you Where I wanted to be I guess I got what was Coming to me Freedom, freedom Me and the dreamers Burning up the midnight sky Foolish believers Throw it all away and Wave goodbye I open my eyes as the Sun's going down All by myself There's nobody around So this is freedom, so this is Freedom This is freedom, this is freedom This is free.