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Plague of Conscience (Savage Messiah)

Accept the laws of destiny, mirage of a twisted fantasy To realize what came before, was just the passing of a cause So with rapture burning, indignation churning Leaves an acerbic state of mind All in your mind Purge the hypocrites That are your enemies Masquerade of faith Sucking dry on the bones of wisdom Caustic words are your defense, to justify incompetence How it must smart when you're alone and face the trust you've always known Ingratiate yourself, save face and nothing else When it's over vilify Hands to the sky Purge... So one and the same Devoid of dignity In plague of conscience now Propagate their fantasy and fail Exact the caustic tyranny, chalice of human misery In weak defense of hopeless cause, but lethargy was all you brought Malign through scorn abundance You've always been the hunted Now your sentence takes its toll Into the void Purge... So one...