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Six Feet Under the Gun (Savage Messiah)

Your conceited doctrines burned, all your principles you spurned Because in truth they were not their, another costume that you wear The bitterness burns at you But a lie is never the truth A supercilious facade to hide the weakness that's at heart In spite the reason that belies the wretched traits you die to hide The servant was born to betray as the light is sure to face All at once it crashes down In this mire you will drown To the sound of your own voice Six feet under the gun All the bridges that you burned Opportunities you spurned All come crashing down on you Six feet under the gun Such a tangled web we weave In the practice of deceit For too long we were ensnared Six feet under the gun As it unravels 'for your eyes Only silence nullifies Sanctimonious denial Six feet under the gun Your burning need to hold the floor, to perpetrate the caricature And in sarcastic false riposte malfunction in senseless loss The fantasy swallows you When you've bitten off more than you can chew All at once...