Aeiou (Give Up The Ghost)

Sitting only cause I couldn't stand to Walk much further under black skies with watered eyes I was watching the tide rolling in And I was thinking I should move from here and start again My legs barely hold all my heart and soul My ears hardly hear, only our sound is clear My mouth merely moves, the words just disappear My eyes see so clear, a reason to care Maybe we weren't supposed to wake up today Leaving the room only to celebrate that nothing's changed If I was there, if you were here The world could end, I wouldn't care So wake me up never, please Lock the door and lose the keys To set the record straight- I never could relate and Just when it all went wrong, you sang a different song Never knew someone that knew how the years had been And I never thought that I would end up like this So hidden, for and gone, I'm so crowded alone And I hope you understand, you fixed my broken plan