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The Last Supper After Party (Give Up The Ghost)

Jesus and all his saints couldn't save our wretched face And no man parting some sea could keep you from me We had to walk away from the streets that knew our names I stutter soft and say "I'd give you anything, anything and everything And you can tell the town We're down till we're underground" We lost the heartache sound when our order was found I burned a testament and misused 'heaven-sent' We made a comeback and it, it was received quite well The earth, for all its worth, never seemed so far from Hell Preach on and on Spread the good word of the holy healing Breathe in, breathe out and on Likely lifers put to song and dance and air has never seemed so clear I got a love/hate relationship with love and hate I get lost here and there You could say I was into the fact you even cared I'm a believer of there's nothing up above that could or should replace my Sunday's saving grace I repent the times that I said you don't exist My gospels from the Church of Stereo Activists