Too Late For Tonight (Cantrell Laura)

I've been sittin' all night, Listenin' to my records, Makin' up my mind. I'd call you up, But I'm never on time, And it's too late for tonight. If you weren't so far away, I'd just ring you up: Got a lot to say. But the city sky, Soon will see it's first light. And it's too late for tonight. You brought me home one night and left me, Standing on your stairs. Turned around to lock your door, But I wasn't even there. That was a long time ago, I'm thinkin', laughing: An' I miss you so. An' I'm all right, But I can't close my eyes, An' it's too late for tonight. The hours are long and quiet, An' it's drifting through my mind. Some sweet, sultry night, You'll be by my side. Instrumental break. I can see the sky so clearly now, The silver an' fiery moon. Oh, the record player humming so dearly, In the other room. Was it BJ, 1972? He's wishin', he's hopin', And he's feelin' blue. An' I'm floating, On a sweet lullaby, An' it's too late for tonight. Oh, goodnight, my dear, goodnight.