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Along The Avenues Of Hell (Kirlian Camera)

Snow stops falling so it'd like to get dirty at the street corners under the dreary March sun. I'd give my own self for this dreadful winter so it doesn't come to an end In Death... within Death... I've got Death... Death... I love this fall full of tears I love this useless downfall somptuos, blessed I won't ever come back. Let me say it... I don't ever want life in me again. Dreadful atrocious life. A finest paradise, the joy of death and garden full of statues without shade And the madness from the deepest pain shore... of the end beaches without any sound from the sea. Infinite and deserted and such unnatural possession of agony and then unconsciousness, so to feel its happy intoxication. I don't accept any sentence from these vile ones towards me or anyone else There is no forgiveness. The end is absolute War will finish I accept death from God and, in Him do I want to die I am the hell that few know. I'm here to meet a few so life falls out, falls down. Speechless. Within the flow of a tortured wind the light falls down, gives up I can't come out Now I'm afraid sometimes it comes back. It doesn't stay long Nobody ever died here inside. Yes... The boat is appearing from a straight canal There it's raining... there inside. Where I'm going...? It's raining, there inside. Having escaped from hell forever I prepare myself for my execution.