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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Drifting (Kirlian Camera)

So here I am close to these windows, watching those eyes just for a frame, feeling I can't stand that reflection, while everything flies into flames. Thank you my friends for giving me kindness, for understanding what I need, forgetting you will be not so hard. All that remains. All that remains. And here's to you your beloved ghost. The things I've seen in me are lost. Dear lovers you... you know who I am, thank you for having killed me so gently, for all the tears I cannot cry. All that remains is just a fool who talks with monsters you don't see. All that remains is just "bare wisdom". I beg you tell me silent words 'cause every time I close my eyes a scary light denies my sleep and a well-known terror suffocates me. So please I beg you let me fade giving me your warm lost hand to hold on to. All that remains is just sleep. All that remains. All that remains.