I Am The Light (Kirlian Camera)

I know all the waters 'round me Now are flowing to the sea And every spoken word is a cancer That slowly kills this hope in deep And all the shadows on the curtain Are only traitors of a dream... So, please, come to my empty lost room Because the lights are getting white And then the figures on these ice walls Are cutting fingers in my head And I'm not joking, I'm seeing they're coming Over my trembling and unsteady legs. So you go on to say the waters Are only rivers to the sea, But please, remember I'm so tired And your rat-words make me afraid. So my dear father and my good mother My nightmares are your good friends. My tears are vain and I've no more voice, For all these years I screamed my name. The glasses hide my tortured twilight I've no more time to turn now back. Why don't you know the spring is rising... ? You cannot follow me, because I'm dead. I am the light, now... I am the light.