Justice (Kirlian Camera)

Those eyes were staring at me through the glass. A silent face filled with anger filled with blind hate and despair. I couldn't say anything more and I couldn't clear my name. I've been sentenced 'cause I've been dreaming but it's too easy to say these things... And the eyes will stare at me again through the cold glass of the whole world. And they'll sentence me again all those moments I feel myself falling down. So they'll sentence me again for the wrong things I have made all days when I've been thinking I would have lost my strenght. In the end they did find me and my weapons were stained with blood Don't remember... but I would swear I have been not really harmed. So, they did find the corpses which I don't remember having killed. One cold morning after a restless night I remember I was trembling had a blinding light in my brain and my eyes were so tired... Yes, a blinding light was coming down coming down to my eyes. What would be the point of telling the truth when everybody wants me to forget about it...?