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The End Of Day (Kirlian Camera)

And at the end of day, pain's getting real as no more light could shine for thousands of years Where is the gentle haze that brings on the peace Father of fear you ate the dark heart of night Mind weeping rides away tired of these long white nights in silence I percieve the years rolling by for it's a puzzling feeling that grows so much inside, inside, inside my dream tired and trembling I hide A long night should feed the dawn but no light dwells here The way to find the sun seems so distant now Father of fear, my Lord, what are you for real? You gave my aching heart to the wind from the abyss Tollings of the new sun have the same noise of dreams while things just fall apart and I can't resist and like in troubled waters I might now drown so inside, inside my dream tired and trembling I go And death mows with her wing as darkness drops down again and wish I had courage now equal to my desire and have that proud look shining in my eyes, as though I had gazed, gazed for days into the burning sun