F.K.Ü. (Coming For You) (f.k.ü.)

Oh, believe it He comes within your dreams We are his disciples Come to cut you clean [Chorus] F.K.Ü. F.K.Ü.! Coming for you F.K.Ü. F.K.Ü.! Whatta you gonna do F.K.Ü. F.K.Ü.! He'll cut you in two F.K.Ü. F.K.Ü.! And eat you too [Repeat All] F**K Ü F**K Ü! Coming for you F**K Ü F**K Ü! Whatta you gonna do F**K Ü F**K Ü! He'll cut you in two F**K Ü F**K Ü! And I've got a new tattoo