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Above The Thunder (Williams Keller)

Rusted wingspan Frustrated thrower Basting on the tarmac Could we move any slower SeaTac to Dulles Richmond to Reno Smooth ride rental No time for Keno *I can see through the clouds Right to the ground Different shapes and textures Deep greens and light browns Cities of mystery Mountains of wonder Staying clear of all the lightning And above all.......the thunder* Busted book binding Flopping around Choppy turbulence Flying waitress's are asked to sit down Gradual decent We should be down soon Take in the view Of being closer to the moon *chorus* Well the mile high club still exists As two people disappear And the little baby disapproves And screams out loud So the whole plane can hear In incoherrent baby talk At the top of her baby lungs And I close my eyes Absorb my chair just like Water to a sponge My brain is like a drummer Trying to hold a groove Keeping time to time zone My brain constantly on the move I think of your face And long for that sound Not the drummer keeping the pace But the wheels hitting the ground *chorus* I'm flying...