Boob Job (Williams Keller)

She had some extra money, she wanted to buy time her friends said it was dangerous, but could not change her mind. she did it for her mirror, for her oceans, summer sand she just laid down to that scalpel that was held in the surgeons hand. She got a boob-job, SHE GOT A WHAT? A boob-job. No? Yeah? put a pad of sillicone up against her breast bone. treat her like a man made thing. Now the surgeons will try to tell you that the world will love you better, if you let them cut your body put those mounds inside your sweater. think of the investment and how long those things will last, It's like, silicone is permenant, even after you have passed. when the rest off you is fading in some box under some stone yeah you'll still have that Silly-cone, balanced on your bone.