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Passapatanzy (Williams Keller)

Drivin' on down 2-19 Not a Blue light to be seen I'm a comin' up on seven oh (7-0) Down six hundred (600) I do go I'm a crusing along With the radio on And my hands upon the wheel As I race I can almost taste life in me Traliers, logs, horses, dogs for you to see It's a day in the life IN PASSAPATANZY I've got enough wood to last a week The ol' piles are pretty neat Well to pick a load at half a ? Any more we'd need help from ? There's pleanty of kindlin to lay out in the yard And if I run out of newpaper We can use an old deck of cards Take this whole section off A rotten old down tree Sweatin in the free IN PASSAPATANZY Well now she was in heat And we can't compete With her boyfriends The nights were fun She sleeps in the sun She don't want to be let in That silly mut she's givin it up There ain't no need to fuss She brings at her home everynight That K9 eats better than us My love makes you feel so tall Watch out for the ceiling fan will catch you in your jaw My wicker chair will rock you right to sleep Even if you dangle your feet My watch will bang a tribal beat So we can tap our along Appliances can make music to But can not write no song Won't you please take my hand Dance around with me It's a day in the life IN PASSAPATANZY