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Portapotty (Williams Keller)

**I fell in love in the portapotty line In the parking lot of some show She was dancing round clutchin herself She was waitin for her turn to go** Her dreadlocks swung down Like shiny golden chains And she looked to be strong and brave My nose was filled with a bouqet of patchouli oil It looked like she had never shaved I knew right away that I was in love And she was the one for me I could not tell if she felt the same way But I know that she had to pee ** The sunlight shone bright threw that sundress she wore And reflected off the ring in her nose Her ankle bells jingled as she danced around Im so proud of the line that I chose Then all of the sudden she could not take it no more On that portapotty she wailed and she banged As she started tiltin it back and forth Well, I just raised my head and I sang ** That pretty little vacant sign showed her face And she blew right in like Peter Pan I wanted to be there when she was done So I went and I peed behind a van Well I did not realize just how much had been drunk I stood there for the length of the song Well I zipped up Went back to that portapotty But my sweet little lover was gone ** ** She was dancin round clutchin herself She was waiting for her turn to go