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Vabeeotchay (Williams Keller)

Walking in my running shoes arms flailing on a winter beach the calmness of the off season dog is freaking out of reach unleashed insanity with ears all a flappin' disregard for the uptight runner with tongues and lips all a smackin' *I like this place But I have to Leave much better than reality pretend the movie Rollerball as I blade top speed down the boardwalk zinging by all the blue hair as I skate the races in my thoughts hopping cracks and dodging sand drifts with only a timely precision my mind is clear as a race car driver I cannot afford a poor decision *chorus wet suit, booties, glove and a hood a chill bites into me just watching freezing water as it should no fear just balls then no stopping dropping in on a big chilly wall spectators with the metal detectors pedaling a low ride cruiser with a rear view mirror and a red reflector *chorus Virginia Beach, yep Virginia Beach Vabeeotchay