Victory Song (Williams Keller)

Do you realize That we are surrounded By an infinite army Of laser toting maritians They're herding us like sheep And one by one They will zap us all to dust Maybe that's what needs to happen To bring the armies of earth Together as one We would be unstoppable We would kick some serious martian ass But not now We're somewhat divided We're not all on the same side We should unite Like the old songs say Why didn't we listen the first time We need to prepare For the intergalactic battle You never know when they're going to hit We need to join forces So we can be ready Until then The martians sing their victory song Pretty soon some humans from Earth Will want to defect Be a part of the winning team Hopefully that can be avoided And we can be the underdog Come back from behind I think there is still time But do you realize That we are surrounded by an intinite army Of laser toting martians They will give us the option To join up on their side Or to be zapped to dust And then we will all sing it