Blackwater Rush (Seven Kingdoms)

Raise the chain and trap their ships against the current and the walls Pick off the traitors one by one Our catapults rain down a vicious brew that burns a deadly hue Their blood shall stain the river's run In flames this battle shall be won Green fire burns this night Islands of floating death on waters high Setting men and ships alight This horror raining down from smokey skies Green fire shines so bright Lighting the waters of gruesome fate below Many men shall die tonight Bearing witness to the pyromancer's show "Halfman!" they cry My men rush forth to take their lives This night we will not let the city fall "Halfman!" they cry I thrust my axe into the sky This night I will not let our kingdom fall Just past the gates The muddy soil has claimed the victims of the flames I take my men across the gorey waste The beach is riddled with ruined ships and ruined corpses scorched and torn Those who braved the waters and reached the shore shall die by the sword