Eyes to the North (Seven Kingdoms)

Out of darkness we will rise Out of the dust of the earth We build our empire to the skies And set our eyes to the north We spread our wings, prepare for flight To show the world of our might With steel and blood we conqure lands Like a sickness we command Our time to stand At the hands of these foe Clouds of evil Encompass our lands, Our homes, our fields, and our hearts The knights of the south Ride to the north To take all that is ours With thirst for blood in our souls We ride unto northern shores For our king we reap and sow Thsi is the fate of the Norse We take the homes of beast and man We cut down all that lives and stands The path behind us lays in waste As their stories are erased Now Our final stand To the destructor of all we know Clouds of evil... Now we take their homes and hearts We hold a blade to the throat of their king A slice at the neck is the fall of a nation Clouds of evil... An emanate doom As the shadows loom The enemy takes us with ease We fight to the death With every last breath Our king brought to his knees