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Seven Kingdoms (Seven Kingdoms)

The hallowed books have forseen the day When one shall lead thousands of their way To the walls of a kingdom that once was theirs Finall to take the throne as the rightful heir He was cast out at the edge of two Raised by the elves, trained under the moon They told the stories of how his father died And how he'll be a leader for his banners pride... (The time is here - the books were clear) You're the one to lead - GO! (The fire inside-shown in his eyes) Ride to take your throne The wizard saw a vision in the crystal ball He told the king about the impending fall He said the chosen one was to come "Prepare for battle protect the kingdom!" To the king it was a mystery This bilstery rewritten history With his traning from the elves, not alone The rightful king returns to take his throne (The time is here - the books were clear) A sea of men with dragons high Charge down towards the walls A rain of arrows and fire fills the sky Today this kingdom will...Today this kingdom will fall Bring down the walls Ara guide my legion of men through harms way and to victory on this day We fought through the streets (Through the streets) Led by prophecies elite (Prophecy) To the throne he'll return (He'll return) With vengence his veins burn (Veins will burn) By the blood on our blade (On our blade) The wicked shall be repaid (Be repaid) Today the king will die (He will die) And again our banner will fly (Banner fly) As the smoldering kingdom began to collapse around the king Iolas came before him with sword in hand to take his stand "You will answer me!" he cried "For all the wrong you have done" The bloody sword claimed victory for all the Seven Kingdoms He was cast out at the age of two... (The time is here - the books were clear)...