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Towers of Hubris (The Legacy of Black Harren, Part II) (Seven Kingdoms)

Towers of pride Harren's hand over God's Eye A testament to his Ironborn hubris Touching the sky Black fingers reaching high No greater castle should ever rise These halls of broken stone Shall bleed your life and throne The ghosts of Harrenhal Now guard these cursed walls Don't you know, these walls can not defend What you sow, your pride shall be your end No where to go, these walls are closing in No where to go, the dragon fire descends Dragon lords rise Flying down from the hillside To conquer and bring Harren's demise Touching the sky Firey fingers reaching high Burning all who remained inside The haunted halls Whisper secrets at nightfall Telling tales of Harren's downfall Beware of pride That blinds your eyes For all who live here will surely die