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Vengeance By The Sons Of A King (Seven Kingdoms)

Thor's hammer filled the sky While waves wrecked his ship Our fathers were bitten by vipers Then cast into a pit If only King Aella knew what he had done He would have saved his own life from Ragnar's Sons NOW WE RIDE! On horseback may our banners fly WE RIDE! To York where the king must die Led by a boneless man on a throne made of steel Lame he may be But his arrows they will feel (Punish the king) York now a town of red, only Aella to Attack Revenge was brought by an eagle carved in his back Land was given to us in reparation The king wanted us not to destroy his nation Our banners fort was built in the kings land His own warriors would help us make OUR FINAL STAND! Blood will be shed BY YOUR OWN HAND! Revenge by the Ragnar's Sons Led by a boneless man on a Throne made of steel...