Winter Comes (Seven Kingdoms)

The north wind blows bringing this summer to an end It's been the longest one by memories of men Some say a grim omen of long winter to come I say a welcome to its unforgotten song A man in black comes fleeing from the northern Wall I bring my sword down and I see his head fall My son and bastard race off toward the castle But on the way they find a corpse in the snow A rotting bitch with bloody neck wound Six direwolves came from her womb Three to my sons, two for my daughters One white as snow left to the bastard Winter comes hailing troubled times for the future of our world We'll stand and endure the cold 'til the summer comes again A banner waves a crowned stag on golden field My friend and king arrives and so I bend to kneel He would have none of it and bid his friend to stand He comes to ask my place be at his right hand Should I agree I'd leave my home and family Should I refuse I would dishonor my fealty Hand of the King - I'll rule in the king's stead Though with this power comes a target on my head A direwolf of my name's banner Had taken antler to the neck Could this be my kin's future I dread to think what happens next To the Keep, where the truth lies buried beneath a web of lies I'll seek the answer to the riddle left to me The last Hand had left the secret His final words on tortured breath "The seed is strong," but not of Robert And now he rides off to his death My friend is dead and I find myself caught up now in this Game of Thrones you win or die, so my fate is sealed this day WINTER COMES!