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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Wolf In Sheeps Clothes (Seven Kingdoms)

Swallow your pride, you are nothing Bring yourself into my binding light You're forever cast in my shadow Running lost through the night You'll never be what you were born to be Only a servant in my design Forever a fool, forever my tool Now a child of my mind I'll never play your game Of ignorance and selfish pride You want others to see, what you'll never be Without me by your side True color shows You're a wolf in sheep's clothes Look and behold You're a wolf in sheep's clothes I refuse to kneel At the feet of your deception I'll be anything I want to be My future's my conception Hidden behind a mask of pride Is a man with a spine of straw A man in the cold, huff, puff, and blow Then down he will fall. I'll never play your game...