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Get Me Out (Playa Fly)

Jumpin, pumpin, dumpin, somethin bumpin all my doggs enjoy When the crowd surround me speakin loud like clouds that rain stop pourin Born and raised with ways to get me paid off in a major way Tricks and slickin', tickin', trickin' lemons all up out they pay DAMN WHAT A NIGGA SAY I told 'em 'fore I folded up this industry Once they turned me loose I told the truth with every piece of me Triple Bitch, the songs'll rock Blackout and me done got you hot Victim of this shit provided Fly still flyin' to the top Stretched it out from side to side, from top to bottom open wide Just so we can ride and bump all high upon this Southern side Mane I'm hangin', sangin', champagne rangin' til' it ain't no Earth Bumpin' out the frame is not a thing, just time to put in work BALLIN' on the f**kin' slab BALLIN' in the f**kin' lab CALLIN' on my doggs with daps and haulin' ass with pen or pad I told ya I'll torch y'all through the North while spinnin' out the Dirty South HEARD ME I SAID DIRTY SOUTH, now get me some and get me out Get me out Deep down in the dirty heard me, Get me some and get me out, Ballin', fallin', callin', haulin', Ass up through the North and South If you suckas comin' after, attack you for some ??? cheese Scratchin', bitin', fightin' for some excellence and expertise No matter what the Sarah Conner We gonna get it, brother another of this rubble that'll hustle sometimes undercover Paint familar tainted me Minnie Mae, Black O-U-T Achin' combination that's gone take it to the T-O-P No surrender to contenders Just dismember all pretenders If I wanna remember From December back round to November As the time start fallin' fast Suckas start to fallin' fast Callin' on the law at last The law ain't bout to haul that ass Deep down in the dirty cut Get me out pick up for what? Livin' right here where I'm stuck and lovin' every minute, bruh Dirty, dirty South, yes sir us thugs that you been hearin' of Same ol' Parkway niggas, jigga bigger than you thought we was All up in and out the North, and always goin' through the South The plugga from down under, I'll come get me some and get me out Get me out Rock and sock and state of shock is what this playa left you in On the spot and off your socks I knock one, Flizy bombed again This my third and final round, Fly think it's time I shut you down Pound you with this sound into the ground Unless you toss my crown Fly be downin' dirty South Dirty South be downin' Fly Punk, and dank, and drank you under the table is the way we get high If I fall, it's with my thugs Ballin' fast or meaner mug Always count on God above and haul my boxed-up World with love See me flexin' dubs, twistin' blunts up to capacity Deep down in the dirty, heard me, that's the way it has to be I-B-N to smokin', chiefin', chokin' rollin' ghetto green High as it could be and C and B the light has ever seen Fly will see you peekin', seekin', creepin' what you don't deserve Awake and shake on green and let my champagne kick me to the curb Have you heard me? Out that DIRTY, DIRTY I said DIRTY SOUTH I-B-N gone get me some and I-B-N gone get me out Get me out, Get me out [Chorus]