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Gone So Long (Playa Fly)

What's happin nigga This is chef in d buildin(give me 2 weeks n 12 months mane) Playa fly and chef collabo Yeh nigga he back You know what I'm talkin bout? (you gon get burned!) Been a long time nigga, long time coming Let's get it nigga (you gon get burned!) Been gone so long, now I'm back Dnt get burned by the minnie mae fire M-2-3 A-DRE-R-D, P-L-A-Y-A-F-L-Y Been gone so long, now I'm back Dnt get burned by the minnie mae fire M-2-3 A-DRE-R-D, P-L-A-Y-A-F-L-Y Been, gone-so-long, now I'm back Dnt get burned by the minnie mae fire M-2-3 A-DRE-R-D, P-L-A-Y-A-F-L-Y Been gone so long, now I'm back Dnt get burned by the minnie mae fire M-2-3 A-DRE-R-D, P-L-A-Y-A-F-L-Y Been go so long n could'ntbe found Now I'm back in t-touchdown To rule my world from the country Rock cds and touch your town South parkway and backstreet I'm still down, ain't no stop me now Since been leavin 3-6-0 degrees Fly gon do background Fuck the grime, mufuk the time Back on hard with a piece of mind Track for track and line for line Fly get right back on the grind I serves up cause I'm the reg-u-lar I'm a deal what they beggin for Everyone must ansa up to Mr Minnie Mae Mafia Ya'll know this here fly gone burn Been burned before but y'all still ain't learn Ya'll niggas ain't talkin bout shit As far as MR I here is concerned Snap this, pop that Fly say all that shit is whack I don't mean no disrespect But mane I'm glad that fly back Because he speaks the truth, he states the fact And he bumps so hard on the tightest track Without a doubt, deep from the south Deep down dirty like artifacts Like big baby he anthrax So don't f**k around and get hijacked Time has come around for y'all to back down And welcome playa flizzy! I don't need all that bulshit it's behind me Playa fly say no mo Been gone so long but now I'm back Right back goin hard on this ho What's up H2 Mista Tito? (Mista Tito) I missed ya Ye bra I kno (Mista Tito) here problems you can get to em (Mista Tito) all like pac when he first hit deathrow Say no more you done fired up fly Once the fire from fly has lit em Hit 'em with the minnie mae mafia rhthym And a vocal uzi and watchin the music kill em Jerry Calatil come find me and Snap right back like a rubberband And not makin a bet, I'm a man and a half I'm in command, not what I'm sayin? So many ones tried to hold me back Still I touched my god, like I was mishak Walk through fire like I was anrak And now bizak, time for payback Snap to sack, no exceptions made Outta control and can not behave How d hell you expect me to act When I alll the time I was trapped in a cage Turn the page, release the rage Back in the studio and on the stage With more hosing spray in my cup Purple cracked ribs and a twist of glaze I'm feeling great me lives to say Wanna thank my god for one more day The boy be gone, for so damn long And now I'm back to set the record straight How many rounds wha bout d'time Is it gonna take playa fly to shine I be here puttin in overtime I'm down for mine, fly love to grind Got the game and watch a nigga like pac Neither us got striaght to the top What the rap industry gon do When the Mafia All Day album drop I ain't gone stop bun been on flys depression This the resurrection Fly been lost and caused a big recession Now minnie mae take exception Right straight to the point fly don't get Now all y'all suckers can't handle this You suckers got to pay for my pain and sufferin Minnie mae mafia about to biz My buziness shit on all y'all door I know y'all pay for the fo Fuk that, let me blows a 2, I'll work with you Now I still stand tall Everythings I stand for is now on the line It's my time fly still in my prime Slow me but could'ntnot stop me Just because they put me in the vine Continue to shine, in d middle of the night Like star light star light is so bright Minnie mae mob gonna pray to god Right before we get hight tonight Build to may with minnie may raised And all this life that I've been doin Then you know this ain't no joke And somebody gon get burnt for sure! [Chorus]