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Got Ya Hot (Playa Fly)

Feelin' like you live in flames, everytime you think my name Super hot and on the spot as Fly enter I dispose a lame Never will I feel the same, for a senseless refugee Quicka-ly get bout yo hog cause in the wind Fly must be Now you not so cool to me, stranger changin' like the weather Right before my eyes a big surprise is backed up by the devil But I'm on another level, ever is Fly stayin' down Let my pimpin' reign forever, conin' king of Funkytown Bound to reach the highest peak, fast and pray and never sleep Land ah Lonely I will seek cause to the top the Fly will creep Love for me my folks will keep, deeper than the world's creation Serve Allah and be a star, is Fly only obligation Destination of a player, rankin' top numeric value Give your ears a chance to hear, then I know that Fly will have you Hotter than a block of ock, then you wish to be a friend Kill yo hog and not me dog cause in the wind I am again Hook: (4x) Now I got you hot but this playa shit will never end Sucka get back bout yo hog, let Lil Fly be in the wind Times are changin', suckas hangin', big and makin' more than me Sick ah swangin', tired ah slangin', Funkytown I soon will flee On a mission, pimp condition nigga from South Parkway Creepin' cross the country for you lunchin' lemons pinchin' hay Vocal killa, lyric spitter, pistol gripper, Playa Fly Tossin' lightin' like I'm Tyson trizick take a taste of fire Restin' in the cloudy sky, till I die Lil Fly is down With some pimpin' psycho sound, creme of crop the top I found Competition Playa pound, leavin' lemons layin' low Agony of being broke, make Flizy go stang a hoe Sober as the Holy Ghost, bringin' out no change in me Traitors that Fly roast and toast, boastin' ain't describin' P L-A-Y, to the A, F-L-Y, here to stay Blunts of hay that's everyday, plus I'm sippin' Voisier Playa Fly I know you hate, playas I appreciate Hatas wish to desicrate, haters I eliminate Hook(4x) Many niggas claimin' clout, and niggas quick to run they mouth Trippin' testin' pimpin' but you knowin' just what I'm about Pockets achin', suckas fakin', showin' there's a evil me You must be mistaken if you think the best I will not be Likin' this an' R-A-Pin', stayin' up to P-A-R Needle in a haystack bring my hay back don't you go to far Everything is on the bar, in Fly hood it's understood To you lemons I'ma stop, for success I think I should Far from bustas Playa stood, even if I stood alone Lonesome valiant like a monk, out here on my lonely own Totin' love from Tony Bone, plenty whoopings in my soul Playa full ah powder showin' power leavin' bodies cold Fly's been pimpin' Fly's been told behold the Fly a golden child Anna wish to reconcile, but they just ain't Playa style Psycho sounds surroundin' me, Fly can win it cannot stop Me from reachin' T-O-P, plus I got you super hot Hook (same hook with different mixes)