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Here Fly Come (Playa Fly)

This piece was constructed For the cats who even had the audacity to think a derogatory thought about myself I shall not wait, be patient, nor sit any longer Here, Fly come Here I come nigga (And I'm coming to get cha) Nowhere to run nigga (And I'm coming to get cha) It wont be fun my nigga (when I'm coming to get cha Hoe I'm coming to get cha Bitch I'm coming to get cha) You better run my nigga (When I'm coming to get cha) Go get your gun my nigga (Cause I'm coming to get cha) The deal is done my nigga (And I'm coming to get cha Hoe I'm coming to get cha Bitch I'm coming to get cha) Here comes the mister bitch And I'm coming to get cha No more balls and chains So hoe now I can get wit cha First you cough Next you cold nigga Now all the way out You sold nigga You know what's funny to me I know your ass remember Every time we hit a spot I was surprised when I'm Always doin my job Ae yo we mob Minnie mae raised THE UNIVERSAL HEARTHROB I walk the walk See I was born with it A lot of talk, Bitch You was born scary Shootin shit more deadly Than the lead that was in my belly Nightmares on your street Like I am Kruger Freddy So grab your bitch and hold her tight like she your favorite teddy I come through with the crew And leave you real messy Ae yo I tried my best to even deal wit cha Now here I come to get cha The tension I'm sending Will leave a lemon heartbroken You just a reject who's nonprofit and penny-loping When up in soakin and floatin across the muddy river Is where you be better off Dont f**k off wit me nigga! How reluctant you be To not come step to me With all this hatin you doin On my M 2 3 Act like you Do Not Know About the Way We Roll All those who oppose Ms Minnie's Child of Gold Sho nuff Fly gon buck On every mic I clutch No matter when or where See Fly don't care too much I just don't give a f**k Expect no mercy from me Tuck your tail, hit the path And start runnin sonny Try and get away from me But boy you know I'm coming I comprehend what you sending So Flizy coming, gunnin And I'm not gunning around ya I got plans on hitting ya Matter of fact I'm splitting ya When I come to get cha You bitches might not be ready For the final round Cocked aimed straight up loaded And ready to put it down Put some holes in you hoes Like I am many rounds Here I come And you hate the way that Lil' Billy clowns Knocking down your stack of bricks Like Fly a steel ball And more than 200 pounds Will make a big fall I say f**k all y'all And yo I mean this shit I'm bout to ball y'all And flat foot run this bitch Flat foot bump this bitch Face first dump this bitch Parkway stomp this bitch Cause you a lounging bitch Betcha Flizy wont miss I beat cha hit by hit Come get you some of this But you don't want none of this You'd rather smell like piss Or either look like shit Or whine and cry big bitch Or just ride my dick Ae yo I tried my best to get my meals wit cha Now here I come to get cha!!! [Chorus]