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Just Awaken Shaken (Playa Fly)

I'm full of funk, I'm stayin crunk, and Fly ain't barrin no tricks I'm fillin sweets so full of skunk and then I take me a hit, it's the lick The ganja mane taking over a playa's brain Cause fly on that funk, punk, that bud got me hearin thangs Mane, I'm feelin sane from this place in fly's memory recalling back fly so high, my visions are blurried, G Me, myself and I, little Fly gonna take a flight Whenever it's chronic city, or funkytown late at night Right, I hit the snow, slammin bones with Lil Frog though Junkies just 'a comin and yo, I'm yellin dominoes So, you know it's on, party on to the break of dawn My body is kinda numb, sometimes I start to yawn Sippin on the Busch and Boy U Suckaz Can't Hang with me I blaze up that onion blunt, fly snizow that blizow G Stretch across the bed, rest me head, then I'm snorin Jones just awaken shakin once again, now you know it's on.. Just awaken shakin once again, so you know it's on Just awaken shakin once again, ho you know it's on.. (3x) Playas on the scene, I'm feelin mean, I'm on blow, so I'm chillin with SPL, Fly down with South Park ho Yo, the Mitchell Heights, supatight, ready for a flight For creepin you heavy hoes or breakin you late at night Flight is how I lay when I'm blowin my bloody hay Fuck what you gotta say, and that's the way Fly gone stay Hey, my nigga Slick in the house for the nickel bitch Lil Thai and Big Jugg in this click, gangstaz runnin shit Trick, he'll let you know when he roasted that lemon lame He got that boy hot as f**k and Fly never seen a mane shakin like a duck, scared as f**k, that's the way he be Tony, Bone, Larry yall, let's go and just smoke him G MHP, SPV, SPL down with me I blow up Paul's ana piece just like it's a pack of P See, it's here so quick, take a hit, then the shit is gone Just awaken shakin, once again so you know it's on Fly so high and funkytown, major blunts I gotta smoke Snortin, Sneezin, Coughin Chiefin, Blowin heavy holy dope Playa's f**kin blessed by that funk, crunk by onion weed Don't you think you're higher than Lil Fly, till you snort that P P-Funk got me goin, ho I'm blowin on Montana's pack Blizunts put me under, but that Snizow put me back on track Bustaz blinded by my smoke, how you like my Smokers Screen Playa got that evil grin and Tony got me lookin mean Fly got Swishers full of blink, time to snort that white ho bitch Then she tell me Fly don't need it, but Fly said mane FUCK THAT BITCH Suckaz fear my atmosphere, ho you should not open your ear Groupie bitches hypnotized by devil shit you hate to hear. Standin in a shower, full of powder, coc a f**kin caine Hour by the hour, ain't no coward, cause I'm blowin mane If you say I'm sprung, body numb, Playa, Zeek and Fly Funkytown, Fly boundin and now I know you know I'm really high Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch [Repeat chorus till end of song]