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Mob (Playa Fly)

Masters Fly mob, fly mob Praise God Praise God I am the mob! I'm free! So let freedom read Been a minute since you heard from the f**king town king I'm back now, who the f**k laid the track now It don't matter, Tito it's a rap now I'm a grab a bull by the horns Like I'm lion I'm roarin Make 'em wish they never been born I'm flyin, matter fact I'm soarin Ain't no telling which way I'm goin This weed so fine, I've been blowin This shits so fly I've been snowin I'm gone, mane in a half full grown Right back in the lap on the stage in the thrown High like a bat outta hell I've tried many times and failed But still run into the whale Tryin to get a sip of my cup Hookin up my coat to feel double even enough to feelon my pair Playa fly captain of the ship set sail Been living like I'm in a belly of the whale Stick to the hook, who then rules take my vitamins Get exercise and say my prayers I ain't got enough of me to share Let me make it clear Playa fly really don't care If you come get a verse from me Because I don't believe Nobody out there can compare Snatch S off supermans chest Put it on my back with PF Cause south parkway love Ready like a tennessee volunteer Playin memphis tiger bloods Prepare or bewareof the rage It's outta the cage and it's heading to the stage And I'm rampage and I'm ready to pop Like a loaded old rusty single shot 12 gauge I'm gone I'm ahead of the herd, head of the class I'm pulling to earth with very low class Well I got clas but don't show it though Cause I have more fun when I show my ass My softer side, I have no other side To show mo sau bout this side You can see it in the toilet when I shit Shit so thick shit you can even see it in my eye Eye of the tiger drool like viper Pls let go of the microphone sir Ok... (everybody know me, I promise I'll be calm... I'm calm!... mafia all day!) M3!, everybody know me Playa fly straight outta memphis Tenna-key I'm mob, universal hearth throb Ain't you rappers ain't really hard M3!, everybody know me Playa fly straight outta memphis Tenna-key I'm mob, universal hearth throb I'm mob, felt it from the bottom of my heart, M3! Why it won't dance with a peace And bring me to the peace Or maybe just offer me a piece of the pie Shit, as hard as I try I always thought I was areal cool guy Known I was born to survive Even they bury me alive I'm fine I'm still in d race To chase of d paper With the miniie mae maffio so fine Hussle is my middle name last name grind Fist full of dollars and a pocket full of iron I can see clearly now the rain has gone Pain make me feel so fine Got no life lines, live my life on the line Did a really a very long time for a really small crime Back in d saddle of the horse is the force Of the break with no remorse as I come from behind Mind be blown, floors been cold They still havent given me the propz I'm owed I'm not a full law way, clip fully loaded What they gonna do when I fully unload Sit back relax and let my plan unfold Then lay back relax n enjoy the show If you wanna learn the ropes You can take it from a pro, me 16 10 flats say no more, (say no more) This for sure, I'm doin this for show They probably won't ever ever do it no more DC told me I gotta bump out here They told him to let everything go Like I just had a fit, and sent clean off a cliff And put the feelin in d lyrics that I spit And I spit fire, and you got lit by And it ain't my fault you got hit by a trick Always catch me decked in greatness Feelin like a punk or had AIDS and 8 cysts And I don't give a fuk if I don't make the playlist For 13 years they loved to hate this But one of these days I'm gonna make it Just don't forget you hear me state this I'm calm (everbody kno me... mafia ll day)