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N God We Trust (Playa Fly)

In God we trust, in God we trust. I waited patiently for God to help me Then he listened and he heard my cry He has given me a new song to sing our praises to our God on high. Now many will hear of the glorious things he did for me And stand in awe before the Lord, and put their trust in Him. Oh God of the armies of Heaven Blessed are those who trust in you, trust in you. First Verse: True is to it But I did not do it by myself, ya dig? Bet you often wonder how this youngster's bump is super sick Bet you wonder how you breathe? Bet you wonder why the leaves Fall up off the trees In the Fall, but this what Fly believe Fly believe in G-O-D Fly believe in S-P-V Fly believe in M-2-3, and this for L-I-F and E Devilish fools make Satanic moves Breakin' golden rules Doin' what they choose will quickly send them to eternal snooze Lookin' at every group that is produced by Fly are holdin' hands Of the Holy man I stand beside and call upon, so should my fans If you down with Flizy, or live in a sound mind Like love and hate, between life and death It sure is a thin line And lizines (lines) get crizzossed (crossed) Devils get tizzosed (tossed) Angels get hizigh (high) But no time gets lizost (lost) You must want to wizalk (walk) The talk you tizalk (talk) You should have repented when Fly said time was shizort (short) And Fly won't get kizaught (caught) Instead I'm gone rush, I'm gone thrust With Minnie Mae Passin' demonic haters, traitors Chorus: In God we trust Fly true to this game til' Fly bust Til' my body bites the dust, Fly ain't tryin' to give this up In God we trust I'm true to this game til' Fly bust Til' my body bites the dust, I ain't tryin' to give this up I'm gone ball, I'm gone fall, upon God Fly gone call It don't matter what's the cause And Flizy tellin' this to y'all, in God we trust Second Verse: It's true like Devil's in disguise, plenty blessings in disguise If you wanna peep 'em, you can see 'em with your inner eyes Any day, that's every day, cuz every day you wake and shake Just a normal blessing that you catch but pay attention late Wake and yawn in the morn, at the crib gettin' up Or two o' clock in the A.M. in the club gettin' real buck He gone make his prescence felt He's my guiding light and help And help me keep my faith when on the run or takin' sliding steps Givin' more than satisfaction Off the Wall like Michael Jackson Excellence of expertise has helped me be the main attraction Just to get attention with Even bear to witness this Flowers are to be praised or to be raised, but this one I whipped This the deal and Fly won't fake it Take it how you wanna take it Flizy gonna tell what God lizuv (love) to make sure Flizy make it Push and shove and people love it You decide the way you ridin' And if you ride this way, then makin' pay won't be your only prize So look into the situation Put aside your fame and wealth And you might find somethin' you can cherish more than life itself Chorus Third Verse: And now that I have wrote it, I wonder what you'll think about it Will you say it's Gospel rap or would you say "That brotha bout it"? I wonder, but don't care about your opinion I just state the facts No matter what I do, or what I did with Him I stay intact Too legit was not my style I preferred to buck and wild And I would always pray for better days, that would come after while Things got better, things got worse, and man it hit me where it hurts And took the Father of this only son six feet up under dirt He dimmed the lights upon my stage A light, but they closed the curtain So Bill is still Gettin' It On, Movin' On, and this for certain And since he's not here with me, you think I come alizone (alone)? But Bill Chill shines off in me, with God in his whole King-dom I'm still standin' strizong (strong) And waitin' on my thrizone (throne) And live for the dizzay (day) that God calls me hizome (home) Until then I'll rizzoam (roam), the face of the Izzerth (Earth) And shoot for the stizars (stars), on days of my bizzerth (birth) And play in the dessert that God put here for us And you come play with me If my God you trust Who you trust? Chorus (2x) SOUTH SUCKA!!!!!!!!