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Work To Do (Playa Fly)

Fly got work to do Fly got work to do Fly got work to do Fly got work to do Fly got work to do Fly got work to do Fly got work to do Fly got work to do Back wid plenty work to do, Playa job is never through Just another busta bustin' hustla cause my game is true Do or die, down wid you, jumpin out Fly wi-zay fool Work is bought and time is short, that won't keep this playa cool Must I come up wid it from decision sittin' on the bluff Workin' out to rock the house, many youngsters get it buck Rollin' wid the rough and tough, risin' wid the early sun All about my hog, standin tall, when my job is done Then you know that I'm the one, only one, for the one, One who gives me power over cowards till thy kingdom come Fly will be second to none, toastin' every chauvinist Male or female makes me bail when I choose to dis My time that rock market pacin' poppin' on Fly paperchase Not illegal ain't sequel the playa moves on me makin' pay Sayin' what I wanna man, cause I'm backed up by a crew Down wid me to clown wid me, what Flizy got work to do Fly, Fly, Fly got work to do He's got a job baby, he's got a job baby Oh ohohhhh, Fly, Fly, Fly got work to do He's got a job baby, he's got a job baby Tell me how to do my job, boy that ain't your job to do If you plan on yankin' Playa, Playa plan on yankin' you Most unlawful entry of the century that you ever seen Don't attack my dollars you will holla as this playa gleam Stealin' robbin' killin' mobbin' never is a job ah mine But if Funkytown take me under, I'm bonin' you all the time Insist to commit a crime, Allah is not likin' you When you play wid the child of God, my God gon' play wid you Still wid plenty work to do, speak or hold a brother's peace Playa choose to represent with intent to make mil increase Opposition is deceased, Fly response for some and pay Ain't got time for cuttin' games that you suckas choose to play Your plan I will infiltrate, I'm strapped wid the piece of manner Like other down brothas Flizy got sense and that ain't my kind Playa is the subject of the public with nothing to prove Don't you try to tell me Flizy know what Playa gotta do, gotta do Rappin of my mission with intention to this pimpin' now Stackin' up some paper cuttin' capers takin' lemons out Workin' out and showin' out to be the best that Fly can be Easy done and easy said will sure and that's forever G Chuckle back me up, if a playa have to handle this Fly ain't got no work boots cause my family who I'm rollin' wit In this click you can enlist, it's reserved that you deserve For the unique motivated playa showin' skill superb I-B-N be full of bird, dirty dud and D-A-B Pee wee we gon' get 'em if they crossin' out yo fi-zo G Since you issue idle threats, boy you betcha come correct More determine than Kermit and you Miss Piggy so get it checked Stay away from this Playa Fly, hangin' low and chiefin' high I'll be found with the crown on me with the sound like no other guy Don't invest in the Triple mess, just a waste of time for you Mixin' business and pleasure right when you make it Fly chargin' you [Hook]