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Write Sum Bump (Playa Fly)

You rather see me abolished then see Lil Flizy demolished and do some damage and punish, and do away with your garbage to many stairs and mugs, instead of smiles and hugs like womack looking for love for us wherever it was with darker faces of hate, who wait and prey that I banish and if they could man they would, take Mr.Flizy and banish or just eradicate IBN eternal breathing suspension nor be the blood in my heart in lines of chalk on position then know so many would laugh and say thats good for his ass but what would Minnie and Bill do?, if Fly lay for they pass my circumstances and chances, I take affallies and fumbles when Fly stay flat on my feet, I hear no giggles and mumbles you sit more silent then lambs, I blind shine the land but not as hard as I can, cause its to fatal to stand and this beneficent gift from G.O.D Fly keep without him givin me speech Ill blow my brains to my feet. And Playa Fly write sum bump to take the pain out cause if he wasn't high he probably blow his brains out he's hopeless, this shit was in us as a baby Taylor B and Minnie May Mafia gone crazy (2x) The game was put off in me, for I was put in the game and Fly was going through struggles, before I'm knowing my name with me and muff in a bug, two towns above I was drugged left Bill with no knowledge of this can't be motherly love miskican heights where she fled, but later ran into feds she move that boy and that girl, right where we rested our heads and stay a wraith on the scene, I'm reachin two years in age left by a pole in and pamper and sheded tears full of rage I told her I wanna go, and that's what started to hurt her she cried I'm going downtown and you can't go its to dirty and now my that my muff abducted, I'm left alone and corrupt but to my rescue he flew, with no if ands and buts off in a 72 impala with Jackie poo, they came and got playa, playa just like not nothing was new and to this day he been resting and SPV catching blessing and thank Allah for my father and for the son he requested and Playa My minds premeditated, have mercy on the casualty, tonk tied stupid conversation only stop the heat, hold up, buck, read what you wrote up duck showin nuff fo showdown what, burbon enuff to buck up for (?) bitch we known for all this shit, witout take of allybies and we gone from all this shit, see bitch trainin didnt get us bye its heartic and pain, bitch cause we through in tha brain we gonna keep all our composure, enought to maintain thangs swiftly shaken from conversation bout' me and Fly way of life see Blac down wit Fly, Fly down wit Blac, with the otherside this game for gamin on em, I'll act a flat monkey on em they head stay turnin on em our names gonna bring it to em if I could say my few words, I probably would speak it all you think we deaf and retarded and baried from all yall we sam on plenty beef, chopped up in my crinium I swear Fly will damage him everytime I depend on him, nigga... I have no bleaf in the jin nor have beef in the jin not fallin starz of gazoe, or arson willin to live a helpin hand on my case, a versity face to may it aint no sweat off my back, to bring allah in tha place I feel that wishes so envy, and what I need hell send me and Fly deserve what I want, thats why Im flexin my pimpin and for my wife and my kids, Fly build a castle so big our money be like McDuck, and just for fun lilgig with little taylor baby ride, and plan to do this for life with so much love for this brother, thats its removing my pride and all the time that he lost, cant bring it back cause its bought we remember whats in us and all the battles we fought whether there mental or physical, or social o spiritual some back if you got it Blac, from this individual and Fly gonna shut up, and let the gangsta cut up Im from the M to the third, with taylor baby so buck... [Chorus: Repeat till end]