Tribute To Amon Amarth (KadavriK)

The wait is soon at end Always charge never bend Morning is here, make your stand Live for honor, glory, death in fire! Total war is here Face it without fear Age of sword, age of spear Fight for honor, glory, death in fire! See the fire rise Flames are raging high Soon all will burn and die Burn for honor, glory, death in fire! Storm of lethal flames Only death remains Ragnarok is closing in Die for honor, glory, death in fire! Forces of chaos is on the move Everyone, choose your side And know the end is coming soon The day for all to die The day is here when Bifrost breaks Nor sun or moon will rise When the dead rise from their graves and Surtur spreads his fire All you know will wither away And sink into the sea A new world will be born one day Where everyone is free The warming sun returns again And melts away the snow The sea is freed from icy chains Winter is letting go Standing on the ocean side We can hear the waves Calling us out with tide To sail into our fate Oden! Guide our ships Our axes, spears and swords Guide us through storms that whip And in brutal war Our ships await us by the shore Time has come to leave Our country, family and homes For riches in the east Some of us won't return But that won't bring us down Our fate is written in the web Woven by the Norns