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Hearts And Minds (Miles Away)

We all fade away from the seas we once sailed The lives we knew and the faces that played They showed us the facts, we showed them on back Searching for meaning and reason to live Words we fought for still nailed to the door In houses held hostage by razor-sharp hearts Moral crusades versus capital gains, the choices were all in our hands Worked to the bone with nothing to show Raising your family the best you can do Vultures are waiting, circling you Pills and abuse, take what you need to slowly numb the pain Take our minds away, to slowly numb the pain Take our minds away, take us back To a place where laughter ruled and life was so much easier Nothing to prove for me or you, we loved our lives with all our hearts The simple things you cannot buy Traded in for suits and ties, mortgages, weekly bills We stagnate in the routine of a reality force fed by wealth Shackled by TV, fictitious religions, forced onto our knees And taught to deceive the ones we truly love They set us up for this fall And when it all comes crashing down, who will you be? When it all comes to an end, where will you be? When it all comes crashing down on you