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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Disco Biscuit (Rishloo)

Who's there? I've forgotten Who said? Run away Run where Against the wall's an armed forgotten This amputee holds mending tools I look to the left to see my hand gone nigh(?) Chiseled a glance improved the stone paradigm Must hurry back before the end alls rise Paradise Employs the martyr I'm too willing to take the name from them Approach the clouds a winged imposter To trip among the gods so proud I look to the right to see my feet to the sky Embellish the fall to encourage the lie Must hurry back before the end alls rise Paradise Denies the lover I'm to willing to take the name for them (for them) Sever the scavengers' wings casting out from the heavens unbeautiful things Beggars, orphans, willful widows clutch the ground hopeless, outcast, harlots trying to hold on we're all so willing to take from them Take the feathers if you wish I will fly with or without them Fly on high fly on high