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Freaks & Animals (Rishloo)

Under this canvas he hides a dream A trick of the type to cheap to be free Makes your bourgeoning inquiry More easily answered Oh a sight they have come to see We shan't disappoint they've paid for a scene And a scene they shall have indeed This dark, dark evening Join us inside that's the way here Come now just step right up in line its freaks fools and fire Come nearer come closer it's nearly time You there and you there and come one and all It looks better in red my calico friend Let us brood on the hue of need What finds your favor? Oh the show must go on instead With hundreds of eyes at two to a head And the blindness is thrice complete When all stand watching Step aside make way for the stars presence Better beware there's lights and glittering Gaze deeper stare harder its nearly time You there and you there and come one and all so plain So have you ever wondered where were the demons they told us of Be patient their coming shortly revealed to you and I do think you'll find A dead ringer a dead ringer much still hides you curious minds there's no hurry Now where are my manors round and around Why I believe they've all arrived Out out from the wings Set all the props in place Lower the lights and wait Now bring them in let them watch let the spectacle rise Hold you breath the suspense leads the arrogant dead eyes More than them will you spend for the vision of your life Let the curtains fall down, look now and see that's quite the motley disguise you've borrowed My friend it seems quite odd but you are the show you paid for Step through the mirror and now the circus spins on and on so come one come all tonight