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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Katsushika (Rishloo)

Hello, I'm the whisper-clap man tuggin' on my sleeves, doin' all that I can do Can you weather the moment whether the fortune comes before the end? You should be satisfied as well Now we're counting all the hours on the second hand for days Mending ties with broken time in many different ways If all of us spin 'round 'til every one of us is down Impressing pressure in dialect forms Ride the spiral seas beyond the storm Learn and decide, fall 'til you fly Take a breath and dive Let's go, have you stepped to the edge, stared into the sea from the foot of your bed? Have you woke in a dream to sleep through the meaning and mean everything you said? You will be satisfied as well... ... just below the waterline I see Just below the waterline I lay Below the surface I believe there is a place of love and wonder where all we are and dare to be is fearlessly discovered Wrapped within the motion of the unrelenting struggle, oh this sinking feeling seeing everything in double Oh, what beautiful monsters You're all beautiful monsters You're all beautiful...