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Keyhole In The Sky (Rishloo)

The high road is always a balance beam chipping away our ankles, and I think it's high time we embraced the visual On my way home I saw a keyhole in the sky and I tossed around my reasons for the cost Divide and dissolve the seams that weave deep within my head We're losing light, and in this despair I'm finally aware that I am not one to learn so fast Straining across this great expanse where the weight of the world rests, and the air is thick with crushing emptiness If only I could lift these feet up from the ground I'd circle 'round the world I know, I know... ... we, like marionettes off our strings fling limbs at our passions and hope to connect with impossible dreams It's holding on when nothing feels right, it's the final, identical, severed umbilical breath from a tightening chest as we're holding on