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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Narcissist Code (Rishloo)

Crown all the thieves and you worship the liars And bow down before every whore in a tie Lost to the end though the sun also rises And those who would dare bring the turn of the tide Arrogant serenity Falter on the scale when I weigh you This doubt may breed desires For truth For truth Glare just long enough to convey your displeasure As drops, one by one, start to fall in the pool Blurring the sight of a misplaced alliance Where deaf lead the blind, and the blind lead the fools Ignorant security Falter on the scale when I weigh you This doubt may breed desires To look deeper than the surface And to dare to understand All the mysteries residing beneath These reflections of a purpose, false impressions of a past That exist only to serve the elite Fuck all these complacent sheep Chasing after every prize Begging at the masters' feet Happy to ostracize Fuck all those who will not see Further than the mirror's lies Fuck you and your vanity It's too late, we're out of time To stand idly by and wait So why don't you take this chance And find a place to Feast on the wealth of your self-indulgence While the meek and the worthy change This world again Gnawing away at your precious elegance I hope that you like the taste For there you shall stay Lost